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The sacraments are seven great streams of grace flowing from the pierced Heart of Jesus Crucified, to nourish and strengthen our souls.

A sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace. Only Christ instituted the sacraments, because only God can endow signs with the power to give grace.

First Holy Communion Group at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lavington, Nairobi

An outward sign is something perceived by the senses. The external thing or action is called the matter, and the formula of the words, the form, of the sacrament. (For example, we see the water used in baptism; we hear the words pronounced as the water is poured. These are sensible signs perceived by the senses of sight and hearing.) The sacraments signify the graces they actually give. Thus the washing in Baptism signifies the inward washing of the soul from sin.

The sacraments always give the graces they signify, provided the recipient puts no obstacles [between himself and the grace of God]. It is principally through the sacraments that we obtain the grace of God. They are channels by which grace enters our souls, to feed and nourish them.


This is the sacrament which makes us Christians & members of the Catholic church. It is the sacrament which puts for the first time the sanctifying grace into our soul. It has been the tradition of the church to baptise children as soon as possible.

For convenience, baptism of infants is normally done in Holy Cross on Saturdays or Sundays while those of adults and converts are done traditionally during Easter Vigil after the necessary preparations.

Regarding all baptisms, please reach out to a priest who will guide you.

Holy Eucharist

The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist is this treasure in the Catholic church through which Catholics receive Our Lord and His grace.

Pope St. Pius X allowed children from as early as the age of 7 years to receive their first holy communion, which was before only allowed for those 12 years and above. This decree by the pope helps the children to grow up devoted to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

A good number of children receive their first holy communion every year in our parish. This is after the candidates receive the necessary catechism to ensure that they understand well whom they receive. About three different groups of children receive first holy communion annually in the parish.

Well prepared Catholics can receive the Holy Eucharist in any of the daily masses.


Through this noble sacrament we receive the Holy Spirit and the plenitude of His gifts and graces from it which strengthen our faith and make us perfect Christians.

Every two years a group of Christians in the parish are confirmed by a bishop of the SSPX. The last confirmation was done in November 2021 where a group of about 40 Catholics were confirmed by Bishop Alfonso De GALARRETA.

Those yet to receive this sacrament can speak to the parish priest for arrangements.


The sacrament of penance restores us to the friendship of Christ.

In the parish the priests are always available for confessions during each mass on Sundays. Nevertheless, confessions are also given on request anytime during weekdays. You can ask the security officer to get you a priest for confession.


Through the sacrament of Matrimony, Christ unites the man and the woman to become one and assists them with His grace which enables them to live a holy life throughout their marriage life.

Matrimony is a sacrament which requires jurisdiction and hence it is given to the parishioners of Holy Cross only.

Those interested can contact the parish priest who will instruct them on the sacrament of matrimony.

Holy Orders

Holy orders is the sacrament through which men receive the power and grace to perform the sacred duties of bishops, priests, and other ministers of the Church. Our Lord Jesus Christ instituted this sacrament on Maundy Thursday.

In the sacrament of Holy Orders, the priest being ordained devotes his life to teach, sanctify and guide the faithful to Heaven.

Extreme Unction

This sacrament assists the sick and those in danger of death to have a good death by giving them the grace of final perseverance. Christ consoles them at their final moments through the grace of this sacrament. This sacrament mainly assists our souls; however, it can also restore our bodily health if God deems it good for our salvation.

In case of any need please notify the priest in good time for the necessary action to be taken. 

Catechism Sessions

It is well understood in our parish that in order to see God, we need the Catechism as our light! Thus, Catechism is offered to both Adults and Children. The Bernadette Method is used to educate the children while the Catechism of St. Pius X and the Brief Catechism for Adults are used to instruct the adults on doctrines of the church. This Catechism for converts and children is given based on the different levels of the learners.

Adult Catechism

Ongoing Catechism: This is for all adults and is offered every Sunday, inside the church by the Prior just before the High Mass. It starts exactly at 10AM and goes on for an hour.

Catechism for Converts: The converts to the Catholic faith receive their Catechism from a priest on Sunday at 10AM and it also goes on for an hour.

Children’s Catechism

The children receive Catechism from our priests, brother, sisters, pre-seminarians and the pre-postulants on Sundays at 10AM (for an hour) and on Saturday 2PM followed by a rosary.

Come along with your children and receive the fullness of the Catholic faith for your salvation.

Please contact Father James for registering your child to catechism.

Ask a Priest

Leave a message with your question and one of our priests will get back to you as soon as they are available.

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